I was on a mission, at the time. A mission to drown myself in feeling and meaning and maybe to wade into into my emptiness, to reclaim a quiet and a stillness that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. Half of my life had been lived in the arms of passion, and now it was gone.

And how I hated myself for thinking those words, for being engrossed in that feeling. Passion was not, could not be gone. After all, there had been passion before and during and there would be passion again.

But, I caught myself thinking often, would it ever measure up?

And so I sought to answer my own question, by finding those which I would measure, carefully and with precision.Read More »

crawling back to you

It has been almost 4 years since I penned my last blog post. In that time I have reinvented myself in countless ways, except for, apparently, one. I still have a story inside of me that needs to be told. I’ve decided to jump back in, not quite where we left off–though that may come out of me eventually. In fact, I intend to let it.

I don’t know if I plan on sticking around forever, or even for the full year that I have paid for this domain. But Mercury is in Retrograde and I need to write.

So allow me to reintroduce myself as Amaris. Pronounced as Amorous, but without that inherent meeting.

I expect nothing, except that you will read my words.